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NEWS | April 10, 2019

December 2018

The environment in which we operate is in a constant state of change. As
defined by our mission statement, the Asymmetric Warfare Group (AWG)
is widening the U.S. Army’s aperture on our friendly and adversary
capability gaps. Current perspectives on an ever-changing environment
need to be considered to keep U.S. forces one step ahead of their adversaries.
In this issue of the Journal of Asymmetric Warfare, we discuss three
areas that embrace the essentials: tactical concept application, continuum of
current operational environment conflict, and individual fundamentals to
This edition of the Journal of Asymmetric Warfare addresses Operation
Atlantic Resolve, security force assistance brigade success, cyber and
electronic warfare camouflage, individual improvement regarding fitness
and lethality, and cross-domain maneuver in a multi-domain environment.
As with previous versions of the Asymmetric Warfare Journal, AWG seeks
to initiate discussion, spur intellectual thought amongst all levels of Army
leaders, and provide a lens to look at certain aspects of current and future
In an effort to continue to highlight current and relevant products relating
to enduring interests and demand signals from the field, this issue features
sidebars detailing handbooks and other reports in support of our mission.
The U.S. Army is one of the most respected organizations in the nation
because of the character and commitment of those who serve. Now, more
than ever, the future Army must be able to operate effectively in our
complex environment because they may well find itself on a battlefield that
looks nothing like what it anticipated, armed with old ideas against a new
foe. These ever growing challenges place emphasis on understanding our
internal preparation for multi-domain thresholds.
Col. Timothy F. O’Brien
Commander, Asymmetric Warfare Group
Fort Meade, MD 

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