Top 4 MOSs we're actively seeking
  • 12Z5 Senior Combat Engineer Sergeant

    The Combat Engineer senior sergeant inspects and advises on bridging, rafting, and river crossing operations. Understands ground and aerial reconnaissance. He or she can advise engineer staff section personnel in matters involving combat engineer operations. Coordinate with staff agencies for engineer operational and tactical support. Coordinate employment of engineer elements operating with infantry and armored units. Collects, interprets, analyzes, evaluates, and disseminates intelligence data.

  • 13Z5 Senior Field Artillery Sergeant

    Field Artillery senior sergeant understands the fire support, operations/intelligence, and target acquisition activities in field artillery battalion, brigade, division artillery, or corps artillery. The Senior Field Artillery Sergeant understands the coordination and implementation of cannon, missile, rocket, or target acquisition operations, training programs, administrative matters, and communication activities, providing tactical and technical guidance to subordinates, and professional support to lower and higher grade soldiers in the accomplishment of their duties. Monitors, inspects, and evaluates FA training programs.

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