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NEWS | April 10, 2019

May 2018

This edition of the Journal of Asymmetric Warfare addresses the application of evolutionary technologies, the development of twenty-first century advisors, enhanced realistic training to achieve tactical cross-domain overmatch, and a synopsis of Russian information operations. We aim to generate thought, discussion, and action on these important aspects of the evolving character of war.

As we look globally, advisory operations remain a consistent aspect of conflict. To prepare, we must understand how to develop advisors of the future and how to partner with our traditional allies as well as non-traditional host-nation partners to meet undefined challenges brought on by the evolving character of warfare. Simultaneously, we must be ready to win a war of extended ground conflict with a near-peer adversary through the conduct of large scale combat operations. We must be lethal and innovative, and we must contemplate how to train to achieve tactical overmatch across domains.

The importance of populations and how they are influenced is growing, and the need to understand the human aspects of military operations is greater than ever before. Our adversaries are evolving their doctrine and executing influence operations to prepare the operating environment and meet their objectives. To stay ready for this threat, we must understand how to influence key and relevant populations and counter the activities of our adversaries.

Now, more than ever, successfully operating in our complex and changing world requires constant and effective collaboration. The steady interface between departments, agencies, and organizations that convert national power into action is essential to success. Leaders and service members at all levels must be savvy in a growing number of skills; they must be able to leverage the right attributes, training, equipment, and authorities under the principles of mission command in to achieve mission success. Together, we must constantly reconsider how we think, adapt, and anticipate. We aim for this edition of the Journal of Asymmetric Warfare to be a contribution to that cause. Col. Timothy F. O’Brien Commander, Asymmetric Warfare Group Fort Meade, MD

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