AWG Mission Statement
The AWG provides operational advisory support globally and rapid solution development to the Army and Joint Force commanders to enhance Soldier survivability and combat effectiveness, and enable the defeat of current and emerging threats in support of Unified Land Operations.
AWG Core Functions
  • Operational Advising: Support Army and Joint Force Commanders by advising and assisting predeployment and in-theater forces to enable the defeat of current and emerging threats.
  • Identify Capability Gaps: Provide observations and analyses of regional operating environments to identify capability gaps and describe potential conflict zones relevant to future Army requirements.
  • Solution Development: Rapidly develop, disseminate and transition nonmaterial and material countermeasures to create tactical and operational advantages in support of Unified Land Operations.
  • Assist DOTMLPF Integration: Serve as a catalyst for developing Army capabilities that enhance organizational adaptability, Soldier survivability and combat effectiveness. This is done across the domains of doctrine, organizations, training, material, leadership and education, personnel and facilities (DOTMLPF). Under General DePuy, TRADOC fundamentally transformed the Army into the best trained, equipped, led, and organized modern land power in the world. Today, TRADOC sustains its proud legacy of shaping the Army through four primary functions.
Command Overview (Brief): Open/download (7MB PDF)
Command Priorities: Open/download (173KB PDF)
Organization Chart: Open/download (250KMB PDF)
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Asymmetric Warfare Group
AWG's site on milsuite The Asymmetric Warfare Group knowledge
is an online database through milSuite that compiles and maintains AWG-developed products for use by all U.S. Army and joint organizations. The database draws from the vast collection of AWG observations gathered during operational advisory support to help Army and joint forces understand the complex operational environment and assist in improving individual and unit effectiveness and adaptability.